USPC Special Forces


The Special Forces Qualification Course is an elite one-year course that must be applied for and approved by the SFQT Command staff. Several criteria must be satisfied before course acceptance, including background checks, as well as psychological and medical screening.

Basic infantry skills are a prerequisite, whether from federal service or US Patriot Corps certification. Candidates who are JOTC graduates may apply for a waiver.

Subjects covered are classified and may not be detailed in advance.

However, training is centered on the covert mission of special forces to provide means of organizing and protecting communities, towns, counties, or the state in the event that total civil breakdown occurs.

The class work in SFQT is a university level for most subjects, and the standard is high, based on go-nogo criteria.


As detailed above, it will take 1 year of monthly training to complete the SFQC. 

Upon graduation, students will receive the USPC Special Forces diploma and the USPC Special forces badge, and the USPC Special Ops tab, authorized for wear on the uniform.