The Jungle Operations Training Course (JOTC) is designed to endow soldiers with the ability to operate in extremely hot and humid conditions, as found in the southeastern USA. It prepares the individual to successfully conduct operations in areas many other groups cannot or will not go, such as the extreme swamps commonly found in the south. Training is aimed at survival in hostile environments.

Subjects covered include:

The Jungle Environment

Jungle hazards (snakes, spiders, alligators, etc)

Hand signals

Movement in the jungle


Jungle survival

Jungle first aid

Escape and Evasion

Small arms marksmanship

Requirements for graduation include successful completion of an advanced land navigation course, AR-15 marksman qualification, a series of battlefield scenarios (both day and night), demonstration of task proficiency in the field, and a written final examination covering subjects taught in the classes.

Upon graduation, students receive a JOTC Diploma, and authorization to wear the US Patriot Corps Jungle Badge and the Jungle Expert Tab on their uniforms.


Dates for the Jungle Operations Training Course 2023:

August 4 thru 12, 2023

On Friday 4 AUG 2023, reporting time is between 1500 -1800 hrs.  Release time will be 12 August 2023 at 1400 hrs.

This is a nine-day course held in one consecutive session. The 2023 Course will be held in South Carolina and will be revealed once you sign up.

(To complete this course you must attend all days of training sessions) :


Items you will need for this course: LOAD OUT LIST

This is a difficult course. All students must be medically screened at in processing to ensure they are fit to enter the training.

You must meet one of the following criteria before taking JOTC.

  1. Must be a member of the United States Patriot Corps (USPC).
  2. Must be a member of a recognized State Defense Force.
  3. Must be a Military Cadet attending an accredited school.
  4. Must be a member of an organization that is a 501c-3 and uses a military-style structure.

Proof of membership is required!!

The cost for this Course is $380.00, which includes lodging, meals, certificate, badge, and tab.

To apply for this course you can download the application here, fill it out and email it to jotc@unitedstatespatriotcorps.org. Once your application has been approved you will be contacted by the JOTC staff with further information and instructions.


For more information feel free to contact us.