Basic Infantry Badge


The United States Patriot Corps Basic Infantry Course, is designed for soldiers with no prior Infantry training. It gives all the basic skills necessary to function effectively as a squad rifleman in a unit operating in hostile areas.

The purpose of this training is to ensure US Patriot Corps soldiers are fully trained and qualified to work with or alongside Law Enforcement agencies in the event of a civil breakdown crisis or a  lawless emergency situation.  Such situations have already occurred after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and during recent riots.

Subjects covered include:

Infantry fundamentals

Patrolling and formations

M-16 Marksmanship

Rifle maintenance

Fire and maneuver

Infantry tactics

Escape and evasion

Field Hygiene

Movement to contact

Land navigation

Combat lifesaver course

Basic Bushcraft

Urban combat

Cold weather operations


The course will be conducted either in a one-week cycle or over a period of four individual weekends (spread over 4 months), depending on the locations students are traveling from, and command discretion. 

Upon graduation, students will receive the Infantry school diploma and the US Patriot Corps tan Infantry shoulder cord, authorized for wear on the dress uniform.

Note that there is no tab or badge. BIC is a basic level course all soldiers should have.