Military Courses

The United States Patriot Corps provides military training for Soldiers. Soldiers meeting the right criteria may attend specialized schools and leadership training. Training is what makes a Soldier.

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RAIDER stands for Rapid Assistance in Disaster and Emergency Relief. The purpose of this intensive course is to train first responders for both manmade and natural disasters.

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The United States Patriot Corps Jungle Operations Training will provide practical training for hot and humid climate operations, focusing on operations in a jungle environment.

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The United States Patriot Corps Special Forces Qualification Course is an elite one-year course that centers on covert missions, to provide means of organizing and protecting communities.

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The United States Patriot Corps Basic Infantry Course, is designed for soldiers to learn the basic skills necessary to function effectively as a squad rifleman in a unit operating in hostile areas.

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Weapons Qualification

The United States Patriot Corps basic marksmanship training consists of three phases. Training to become a marksman lasts approximately four days and ends with qualification testing.

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The Military Emergency Management Specialist (MEMS) is a program established to give Civil Authorities the ability to obtain credentialing in the field of Emergency Management.

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Our mission is to enhance your abilities so you can perform effectively as a principled leader in the present and/or future leadership roles, not just in the United States Patriot Corps but beyond in everyday life.

What We Do

The United States Patriot Corps Academy produces leaders of character and prepares you for success not only in the USPC but beyond in everyday life. We achieve this using through the provision of a rigorous academic program and using the military model of leadership development.

Core Values

The United States Patriot Corps Academy develops principled leaders in a climate shaped by the core values of Honor, Duty, and Respect. Our goal is to make you well-equipped to embrace the opportunities and challenges presented by an increasingly globalized environment.


Honor is the first core value of The United States Patriot Corps. First and foremost, honor includes adherence to the Honor Code of The United States Patriot Corps. A patriot “will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do.” The commitment to honor extends beyond the USPC l and is a life-long obligation to moral and ethical behavior. In addition, honor includes integrity; “doing the right thing when no one is watching.” Finally, honorable behavior includes exercising the moral courage to “do the right thing when everyone is watching.” The Honor Code is the foundation of The United States Patriot Corps.


Duty is the second core value of The United States Patriot Corps. First and foremost, duty means accepting and accomplishing the responsibilities assigned to me. At The United States Patriot Corps, my primary duty is to perform my duties above and beyond the call, to accept the consequences associated with my performance and actions. Once I have held myself accountable for my actions, then I will hold others accountable for their actions. Finally, duty means that others can depend on me to complete my assignments and to assist them with their assignments. Duty is also a call to serve others before oneself.


Respect is the third core value of The United States Patriot Corps. First and foremost, respect means to treat others with dignity and worth “the way you want others to treat you”. Respect for others eliminates any form of prejudice, discrimination, or harassment (including but not limited to rank, position, age, race, color, gender, national origin, religion, physical attributes, etc.). In addition, respect for others means to respect for the positions of those in authority which include staff, administrators, and the leadership of The United States Patriot Corps. Finally, respect includes a healthy respect for oneself.